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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept credit, debit or PayPal. Your payment is secured and encrypted.
We are located in Orlando, FL
We started our business in 2010.
All of your documents are secured with us. We do not store or share any documents.
We have an unlimited revision policy to make sure all of your documents are perfectly polished and written for ERAS.
Yes! All of our webinars are live and conducted by one of our residents.
Residents will share their screen to explain the webinar topics through audio.
You don’t need to turn on your audio or video.
Due to the number of viewers, it’s easier for resident presenters to take questions after the webinar through email than individually during the program itself. You will have unlimited access to that resident presenter’s email. You can email them anytime to get your questions answered.
You can attend once a week. Make sure to sign up in advance as our spots are limited.
Send us an email and we will reserve a seat for you for an upcoming webinar.
Yes, you should take notes.
All of your ERAS documents will be edited by our professional editors who consult with residents and physicians.
Our editors and residents will work together to polish your document and make them error free.
When you place an order for the brand new personal statement, you will get a questionnaire in your email which you will need to fill out and send to us by email. Your answer will allow our editors and residents to get to know you so that we can write your own unique personal statement.
Interview Workshop is to help you with your interviews. You will learn everything for your interview from dressing up to answering and asking questions.

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