Current Address

First section on your ERAS application is “Current Address”.

Current address is very important. Your interviews will mostly come from states around your current address.

For example, if you use an address in New York, you will get most of your interviews from East coast states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennselvenia and so on.

You will still get interviews from middle and west side of the country. just not as much.

And if you use an address in West coast then most of your interviews will be from the western states such as California, Washington, Nevada, Idaho and so on.

And if you use an address in Middle area such as Michigan or Illinois then most of your interviews will be from Michigan, Illinois, Arkansas, Kansas and so on.

Californian programs are little different. They like to call Californians for the interview but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get any interviews from there if you are not from there. You will still get interviews from there but just not as much.


Faraaz is from New York. But he likes Chicago, IL and wants to match there. He has a friend in Chicago who let him use his address so Faraz used his friends Chicago address. And he recieved most of his interviews from Midwest states.

So, If you want to match in a specific state then make sure your current address is from that state or at least close to that state. Programs like to prefer their own state graduates. Of course you don’t want to lie or be clueless about your current address. So be familiar with the state’s weather, sports team or area. Sometimes during the interview the program directors like to talk about your state. For example, if you are from Sunny Florida and got an interview in Snowy upstate New York they will ask you if you are ok with the weather chance.