Work Experience

Under work experience you should list two different kinds of work experience

  • Non Medical Work Experience
  • Medical Work Experience (IMG Only)

Non Medical Work Experience Examples:

  • Medical Assistant
  • Software Engineer
  • Personal Banker
  • Retail Manager
  • Any non medical work experience is fine.

Non medical work experience is really important. If you worked in any non medical field you can list it here. Even if they are from premed school time.

Programs love to see that you have non medical experience. We recommend to list 1-2 work experiences here.

Medical Work Experience Examples:

  • All Core Rotations
  • All Elective Rotations
  • All Internships
  • All Observerships

If you are an AMG you don’t have to list any of your rotations here. But if you are an IMG make sure you list all of your rotations here.

This is the only place where you can talk about rotations. This is very important. – -I know a lot of IMGs don’t list their rotation here. – -How do you expect the program to know where you did your rotation? – -Your transcript doesn’t say it. – -Most programs don’t even look at your transcript. – -So make sure you list all of your rotations here. – -You also have to describe what you did during those rotations. – -You can talk about what you did such as taking patient’s history, help in charting and taking patient’s vitals. – -Even if you repeat the description for other rotations that’s fine as long as they are not word for word repeat. – -The point of this is to show the programs where you did your rotations and how long it you did it for. – -So if you are an IMG make sure you list all of your rotations here.